When can I use the telebus

The telebus runs all days between 5.00-23.00 (Sundays only 6.00-23.00). During weekdays between 8.30-16.00 the telebus is only used for handicap- and medical service as well as transport to and from the ferry.

In order to use the telebus the regular bus must not go within the next hour. A so called hub must also be the starting point or the destination for your trip.

You can also use the telebus if you are located more than 500 meters from a bus stop. The distance is 1000 meters from the ferry ports. (Sælvig Harbour and Ballen Harbour)

Note that telebus has a limited number of seats and is booked as first comes first. So book as early as you can and at least 1 hour before you need to use the service.

Note also that sometimes you have to change between the telebus and the regular bus on the route.

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